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Welcome to my website

Hi, I'm Pete Stewardson and this is my blogsite. Based in Berkshire, UK, I specialise in shooting relaxed and informal wedding photos, capturing the true essence of the big day. Although based in Berkshire I am always willing to travel to photograph your wedding.

This blog contains samples of my recent work, both from weddings and other personal photography, and will hopefully keep you up to date on my personal life and my work as a photographer.

This site is intentionally informal so you get a true picture of me and how I work. I always love feedback so feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email should you need any more information from me.

Thanks for reading.

Please browse through the gallery to see examples of my work and feel free to cantact me should you require any other information.

Monthly Archives: October 2008

Mini-Notebooks HP2133

I noticed the local PCWorld was open again today so popped in for a nosey. The place has been shut for weeks so figured I’d see what they’d done. Unfortunately it looks like PCWorld will now be even less useful than it was before. The new layout means they can’t hold anywhere near the amount of stock they had before. Anyway while browsing I noticed a whole section devoted to the netbooks, mini-notbooks etc that seem so popular at the minute. Most didn’t impress me very much but one stood out was the HP2133. This machine looks cool. OK it’s the most expensive one at £350 but it definitely looked and felt the best out of the 8 or so on display. 

Check out the specs here

Now why can’t Apple make one just like this?

Stuart & Rebecca Mills

I just realised I forgot to blog Stuart & Becky’s wedding from the 27th… I guess better late than never… 

This one wasn’t posed, they really did both look up at something, no idea what it was, didn’t ask, just captured the moment…

By the time I’d finished, and then the guests, shooting this one, Becky seemed really glad to be put back down.

What it’s all about…

The sun did it’s thing at just the right time :)

Yay off to New York!

Yesterday I got one year older to retirement ( I hope ) and became an old man of 33… 

However I did get probably the most awesome present ever. Becky surprised me with a trip to New York for New Year! :D So Manhatten here we come… Can’t wait to see the city, especially at night from a roof somewhere, should be fantastic :D

Warning to blog visitors

Hi there,

This is just a quick warning that there could be the odd bug here and there, and things constantly changing on my blog for a while. I was selected by Jared at to beta his new wordpress theme so I’m playing around with that and there could be the odd niggle. If you notice any then please leave a comment to let me know :)


Straight after Dusseldorf we’d planned to visit Berlin since we were a stones throw away ( read 4:30 by train ).

We only had about 3 days in total there so had 2 full days of non-stop sightseeing. 

One of the places we went to was the Sony Centre. Now this place is something else, there’s even alife sized lego Giraffe outside it.


We also took a trip into the Berlin zoo, now this place is HUGE and you can’t possibly see it all in the time we had but we probably saw most of it ( my feet hurt… )

This is Knut the famous bear. Little did I know when I took this, that his handler was to die the same day :( There’s no wonder he looks so sad, animals sense these things.

Resting our feet outside the zoo I took a photo of Becky, she hates her photo being taken… hehe

And then some other shots of stuff I saw in Berlin… Sorry I’m a car nut :)


Becky ( my wife ) plays in the Reading Symphony Orchestra and on the 19th September we made the trip out to Dusseldorf so she could take part in an exchange visit to play a Concert in the TonHalle. In my thinly glazed disguise as official tour photographer I got access to take some photos inside the Tonhalle. The building is amazing with one of the most spectacular ceilings I have ever seen in a concert venue. WOW is definitely the word I used when I walked in the room. 

Dusseldorf is also interesting for it’s contrast between old and new parts of the city. I had a few hours spare on Saturday morning to walk around and take some photos. Definitely not enough time but I got a few great shots.


Also a big thanks has to go to Etka for ferrying us around for the three days, and her parents for letting us stay in their “Guest flat” rather than us booking a hotel.

Chris & Dani

It’s taken a long time but I’m finally getting round to catching up with all my blog posts. Chris and Dani got married on the 13th of September. You’ve already seen one of the shots from the wedding ( the amazing sunset shot :) ) but here are a few others. 

Hope Cove, in Devon, was the perfect setting. Helped along by the views from The Sunbay Hotel ( )

Thanks to Chris and Dani for not minding as I tore them away from their guests to take some sunset portraits :)

A day of blogs…

Ok so my blog posts have been way too slow recently but keep watching today as I catch up!