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Welcome to my website

Hi, I'm Pete Stewardson and this is my blogsite. Based in Berkshire, UK, I specialise in shooting relaxed and informal wedding photos, capturing the true essence of the big day. Although based in Berkshire I am always willing to travel to photograph your wedding.

This blog contains samples of my recent work, both from weddings and other personal photography, and will hopefully keep you up to date on my personal life and my work as a photographer.

This site is intentionally informal so you get a true picture of me and how I work. I always love feedback so feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email should you need any more information from me.

Thanks for reading.

Please browse through the gallery to see examples of my work and feel free to cantact me should you require any other information.

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Goodbye 2008

So now things have all settled down after new year it’s time to look back at 2008 and see what can be learned from it. There’s a couple of things that spring to mind.

1 - Things change… Lots of things have changed in my life this last year. Some bad, but luckily lots of good things.

Work has been pretty tough for a while, I guess the lesson there is that not everyone likes me LOL. I guess not everyone likes that I say what I think, and stand up for what I believe. But hey that’s me, and I’m not intending to change that any time soon.

The housing market has been a bit of a downer, especially since we found almost the perfect house ( with enough room for me to have a studio ) but that’s something everyone is dealing with.

Finding out I’m going to be a father… Well that was a bit of a shock. But a good one once I’d had time to take it in. That’s a big change alright, but hey it’s something new.

2 - I guess the big thing I learned is I love shooting weddings! I’ve never really been a people photographer until last year, but I’ve discovered I love doing it. So much that I now quite proudly tell people I’m a wedding photographer, something I never expected to do. This was helped in no small part by the great couples I’ve shot for this last year. So big thanks to all of my clients as without you I wouldn’t be so into making this business take off. And that’s what I’m really wanting to do now.

So I really feel that 2009 is going to be a great year, both with the photography, and becoming a dad. I reserve the right to change my mind on that one though when I’m suffering sleepless nights due to a screaming baby.

Just 16 hours to go of 2008!

Ok so it’s 8am new years eve here and for the first morning we’re not looking out to a sunrise. It’s looking cloudy, and the weather report says it’s going to get very cold and probably snow today :)
Yesterday we went up the Empire State building. That was great as the weather was fantastic and the view was breath taking.

So today we’re off on a movie tour of NY and then getting ready for the new years eve party at TGI Fridays.

New York

Well we’ve been here in NYC for a day now and used the tourist busses to get around and see as much as possible in a day.
We’re only a couple of blocks from Times Square and the place is rammed every day.
Virgin holidays hooked us up with a VIP pass to Planet Hollywood so no waiting for a table yesterday.
The first impressions so far are that the place is crazy busy and that the streets really do smell bad at times.

I’m going to be a Dad!

Now all the family have been told over christmas I can post this up. Looks like I’m going to be a dad! 

Apparently it’s being affectionally called “Maggot” by Becky’s personal trainer, not sure going through school with a name like that is a good idea…

So here is the first photo of my child… Lets face it he/she already looks pretty photogenic which is probably a good thing :)

Nikon D3x shots… Yup I got to play with one!

Now here’s a chance you don’t get every day. I was at the Nikon Solutions Expo at Olympia today and was watching the demo of the Nikon CLS using SB900’s in Lastolite Ezybox Hotshoes. Uzair Kharawala Was giving a demo of CLS being used with the lastolites.

Katie, who I’m sure all the Nikon shooters have seen many times before was doing her usual job of making being a model look easy.

Then they asked if anyone had a CF card and wanted a go, well it would have been rude not to have put my hand up, although I seemed to be the only one with my hand up… Gulp.

Anyway I was asked to walk into the shooting area and given a D3x with 24-70 and told I’d get 4 shots and then it was someone elses turn… Gulp again.

So first shot Waayyyyyyy over exposed…

Second shot… Good enough for me :)

I got 5 shots in the end, and here’s another one…

Do I want a D3x now… Well yep sure do, but first I gotta get me a couple of those soft boxes. Oh and an SU800 to fire my flashes. :)

Edit: At the request of a few forums I’m posting 100% crops of each photo. These are without any sharpening applied, straight from the jpgs out of camera.

Whooo hoo Christmas cards arrived

I got my Christmas cards back from the printers today and they look great. First time I’ve printed my own and it was definitely worth doing. The Coke advert is on TV now too so I guess it must be nearly Christmas. 20 more shopping days to go…

Yay off to New York!

Yesterday I got one year older to retirement ( I hope ) and became an old man of 33… 

However I did get probably the most awesome present ever. Becky surprised me with a trip to New York for New Year! :D So Manhatten here we come… Can’t wait to see the city, especially at night from a roof somewhere, should be fantastic :D

Warning to blog visitors

Hi there,

This is just a quick warning that there could be the odd bug here and there, and things constantly changing on my blog for a while. I was selected by Jared at to beta his new wordpress theme so I’m playing around with that and there could be the odd niggle. If you notice any then please leave a comment to let me know :)