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Welcome to my website

Hi, I'm Pete Stewardson and this is my blogsite. Based in Berkshire, UK, I specialise in shooting relaxed and informal wedding photos, capturing the true essence of the big day. Although based in Berkshire I am always willing to travel to photograph your wedding.

This blog contains samples of my recent work, both from weddings and other personal photography, and will hopefully keep you up to date on my personal life and my work as a photographer.

This site is intentionally informal so you get a true picture of me and how I work. I always love feedback so feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email should you need any more information from me.

Thanks for reading.

Please browse through the gallery to see examples of my work and feel free to cantact me should you require any other information.

Category Archives: Random

Jaquoda gig, Dej Vu Reading last night

A work colleague is in a band called Jaquoda ( follow the link for their facebook fan page ) and were playing last night at Deja Vu in Reading, so I went along to show some support. The guys were rocking out big time, and they sounded great. I had my camera with me as always so took a few shots. Considering how dark the place was they came out pretty well :)

Apple updates Macbook Pro 17″

So Apple finally got around to updating the Macbook Pro 17″. No surprises that they updated the machine, they were bound to eventually, but the big news around the net seems to be the lack of a removable battery. Personally I’m not sure what all the fuss is about on that. I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve removed the battery from mine. For me the huge news is finally an anti-glare screen, oh and a core upgrade allowing 2.9Ghz processor with 8GB of RAM :)

It remains to be seen what the anti-glare screen is really like, but hopefully it wont have that awful shine all the new Apple laptops have had until now. Seems like they finally listened to the Pros that sit in front of them all day.

The only disappointment is probably the lack of a BluRay writer in there. That would be great for backing up all the shots taken at a wedding. Those RAW files take up loads of room…

Anyway check out the link for all the info on the Apple site.

MacBook Pro 17″

Ordered this years Christmas cards

A week ago I got an email from offering card printing. So this year I figured why not go custom and use a couple of my own photos on our Christmas cards :)

Believe it or not these photos were actually taken in May this year! It only lasted a short while but it’s about the most snow we’ve had all year. 

This Robin didn’t hang around long, just long enough to get this one clear shot.

This swan was nesting on a small island. Shot from the other side of the water through the trees.

Mini-Notebooks HP2133

I noticed the local PCWorld was open again today so popped in for a nosey. The place has been shut for weeks so figured I’d see what they’d done. Unfortunately it looks like PCWorld will now be even less useful than it was before. The new layout means they can’t hold anywhere near the amount of stock they had before. Anyway while browsing I noticed a whole section devoted to the netbooks, mini-notbooks etc that seem so popular at the minute. Most didn’t impress me very much but one stood out was the HP2133. This machine looks cool. OK it’s the most expensive one at £350 but it definitely looked and felt the best out of the 8 or so on display. 

Check out the specs here

Now why can’t Apple make one just like this?

A day of blogs…

Ok so my blog posts have been way too slow recently but keep watching today as I catch up!

Apple customer service…

Dropped into the regent street Apple store today. My power brick for the MBP had the strain relief issue and even though it’s well out of warranty ( Its a first gen MBP ) they replaced the brick with no hassle and pretty much no waiting about. How’s that for service?

[b] school…

The [b] school is nearly here!!!

Hey, just a heads up for all you photographers out there reading this… There’s something really cool about to happen on the scene. An amazing guy, and all round crazy good wedding tog, becker is readying the [b] school blog for release soon ( not soon enough if you ask me! ) So check out this trailer produced at the beta BBQ and then run over to to keep up to date.