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Welcome to my website

Hi, I'm Pete Stewardson and this is my blogsite. Based in Berkshire, UK, I specialise in shooting relaxed and informal wedding photos, capturing the true essence of the big day. Although based in Berkshire I am always willing to travel to photograph your wedding.

This blog contains samples of my recent work, both from weddings and other personal photography, and will hopefully keep you up to date on my personal life and my work as a photographer.

This site is intentionally informal so you get a true picture of me and how I work. I always love feedback so feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email should you need any more information from me.

Thanks for reading.

Please browse through the gallery to see examples of my work and feel free to cantact me should you require any other information.

Category Archives: Weddings



Richard and Julia Hart

Congratulations to Richard and Julia Hart :)

Over the weekend I shot their wedding at the Two Bridges Hotel in Devon. The hotel is a great location in the middle of the moors. As it’s November the UK weather wasn’t kind to us, but inside the hotel was big enough for that not to be a problem. 

OK so it’s a bit cheesy, the “pick the bride up” shot everyone does. But hey it’s a wedding :)

The groom, not to be outdone, decided to grab the bouquet and do a curtsy.

The cake was made up of smaller cakes. Looked tasty…

Oh and while I remember, I’ve got to comment on the little hotel I stayed in on the Friday night. The East Dart Hotel is run by some of the friendliest people you’ll meet. Oh and if you ever get the chance to go there, try the toffee gateau. ;)

Stuart & Rebecca Mills

I just realised I forgot to blog Stuart & Becky’s wedding from the 27th… I guess better late than never… 

This one wasn’t posed, they really did both look up at something, no idea what it was, didn’t ask, just captured the moment…

By the time I’d finished, and then the guests, shooting this one, Becky seemed really glad to be put back down.

What it’s all about…

The sun did it’s thing at just the right time :)

Chris & Dani

It’s taken a long time but I’m finally getting round to catching up with all my blog posts. Chris and Dani got married on the 13th of September. You’ve already seen one of the shots from the wedding ( the amazing sunset shot :) ) but here are a few others. 

Hope Cove, in Devon, was the perfect setting. Helped along by the views from The Sunbay Hotel ( )

Thanks to Chris and Dani for not minding as I tore them away from their guests to take some sunset portraits :)

Amazing wedding sunset

What can I say, right place, right time ( although I planned this the night before on my trip down ) and definitely the right couple. Chris and Dani are a great couple who were well up for trying to create something truly special to remember the day. With the help of the best man to hold an SB600 and an SB800 behind a shoot through brolly and the amazing flexibility of the Nikon CLS we got some great shots. Apparently this shot will end up on the wall of the couples house, it may yet end up on a wall in my office too :)

And my next wedding

On Wednesday I shot Rob and Claires wedding. They had a really fun day and everyone had such a great time. I loved shooting this couple, they seemed to have so much fun. 
_d303800.jpg  _d700230_2.jpg

Finally get around to doing some updates

Well I’ve not updated this blog for ages, so it’s about time I started again I think. Anyway on the 11th of July I had this great couple to shoot for. Phil & Claire were my first proper clients as the main tog.  I’ve had some feedback from the couple and they loved the shots, hopefully will get to meet up with them soon to go through the shots with them

_d309747.jpg _d312950.jpg

A busy easter weekend

Phew… Just finished editing the shots from Edwin & Sophia’s first two evening do’s. A lot of shots to go through and there’s still the wedding in the Sikh Temple tomorrow followed by another evening reception! So another busy day ahead. Great fun though and hopefully getting some shots that the couple will enjoy. Here’s a couple of more abstract images from the events.